Quick update

I got some fun stuff made for Ludum Dare. Unfortunately it wasn’t fun enough so I decided not to publish anything this time around.

Currently I’m working on a very promising and exciting project with Fröken Uggla. That’s all I can say for now. 🙂

Ludum Dare 32: Day 1

Day one is over… Time is running out!

Ok, I’m not panicking just yet. I got a few important things done and some things almost done.
Not sure if this’ll turn out to be even close to what I imagined. Actually, it won’t, because I changed my mind half-way through. Not a big deal.

I created a pretty decent level generator which doesn’t feel too artificial or maze-like. But its parameters need a lot of tweaking, which I will do later.

Map/Maze Generator

Map/Maze Generator

I also started to work on the weapon (which isn’t the weapon I originally had in mind). This could definitely be a hit or miss. I’ll know more when I get some enemies to kill(?) with it. It’s all about learning!

Ludum Dare 32 is on!

The theme this year is “An unconventional weapon”. Interesting!

At first I had no clue what I could do without having to do too much graphics. But then I slept on it and now I’m ready to really get to work! Here’s what I’ve got so far…


Google Chrome just recently threw the switch on NPAPI-support, so to play those Unity Web Player games, read here: Google Chrome just killed the Unity Web Player.


Tennis for one

After experimenting around with different things in Unity today I suddenly had a little neat game!
I call it Tennis for one. (It’s not Pong, it’s tennis!)

Controls are up and down arrows (or w and s if you prefer that). Enjoy! 🙂

Tennis for one screenshot

Tennis for one
(click on the image to play)


Ludum Dare 31: Door 37!

So I wasn’t going to enter the Ludum Dare Compo, but the game was pretty ok when the deadline came. “F- it. Let’s ship it!” Isn’t that what you say?

I’ve played lots of great entries and it has been really fun to be a part of Ludum Dare (first time!).

Want to play the game? PLAY THE GAME! 😀
Or insert coin and witness the creation of my game in all its glory!

Welcome to Phaax Games!

Well, here we are… Our new home.
Say hello to www.phaaxgames.com!

Enjoy your visit. Play some games.