Ludum Dare 32

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Quick update

I got some fun stuff made for Ludum Dare. Unfortunately it wasn’t fun enough so I decided not to publish anything this time around.

Currently I’m working on a very promising and exciting project with Fröken Uggla. That’s all I can say for now. 🙂

Ludum Dare 32: Day 1

Day one is over… Time is running out!

Ok, I’m not panicking just yet. I got a few important things done and some things almost done.
Not sure if this’ll turn out to be even close to what I imagined. Actually, it won’t, because I changed my mind half-way through. Not a big deal.

I created a pretty decent level generator which doesn’t feel too artificial or maze-like. But its parameters need a lot of tweaking, which I will do later.

Map/Maze Generator

Map/Maze Generator

I also started to work on the weapon (which isn’t the weapon I originally had in mind). This could definitely be a hit or miss. I’ll know more when I get some enemies to kill(?) with it. It’s all about learning!

Ludum Dare 32 is on!

The theme this year is “An unconventional weapon”. Interesting!

At first I had no clue what I could do without having to do too much graphics. But then I slept on it and now I’m ready to really get to work! Here’s what I’ve got so far…


Google Chrome just recently threw the switch on NPAPI-support, so to play those Unity Web Player games, read here: Google Chrome just killed the Unity Web Player.