Unity stuff

Everything is free to use, but a credit is always appreciated.

Important information!

Many of the scripts and resources here are quite old. Some may work, some may not. If you’re looking for PhaaxTTS – I’ve removed it. It definitely doesn’t work since Google has changed some things on their end. If you still find anything useful here, enjoy!

PerformanceTimer 1.1 for Unity

C# script that measures performance in your Unity projects. Uses StopWatch which has very good resolution. You can have multiple timers!

Downloads: 1569

ScreenFader.cs 1.1 for Unity 4.6

Only for Unity 4.6! Fades the screen in and out to specified color.

Downloads: 1501

ObjectTracking.cs 1.2 for Unity

Remembers objects by Scene, Hierarchy name, Position and Rotation even after level loads.

Can be extended to do many useful things, this is just a rough framework.

Downloads: 1446

WebPlayer Template – Fullscreen

A Unity package that adds a fullscreen template (fits the browser window) to your project! Neat 🙂

Downloads: 1664