Unity scripts

Important information!

Many of the scripts and resources here are quite old. Some may work, some may not. If you’re looking for PhaaxTTS – I’ve removed it. It definitely doesn’t work since Google has changed some things on their end. If you still find anything useful here, enjoy!

PerformanceTimer 1.1 for Unity – PerformanceTimer.zip Downloads: 1036

C# script that measures performance in your Unity projects. Uses StopWatch which has very good resolution. You can have multiple timers!

Free to use as long as you give some credit in your application/game.

ScreenFader.cs 1.1 for Unity 4.6ScreenFader.zip Downloads: 997

Only for Unity 4.6! Fades the screen in and out to specified color.

ObjectTracking.cs 1.2 for UnityObjectTracking.zip Downloads: 997

Remembers objects by Scene, Hierarchy name, Position and Rotation even after level loads.
Can be extended to do many useful things, this is just a rough framework.

WebPlayer Template – FullscreenUnitypackage Downloads: 1180

A Unitypackage that adds a fullscreen template (fit browser window) to your project! Neat 🙂

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  1. The Fullscreen template download points to screenfader instead.

  2. Wow this was a interesting read. I have always been a fan of gaming and its nice to see people like you sharing content thats related to gaming. Thanks 🙂

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